About Us

Why We Exist

We are a team of medical and information technology professionals dedicated to idea that transparency in patient information is critical to providing excellent care. This transparency includes timely treatment information, an accurate summary of all charges for treatment owed by the patient and a list of appropriate payment options that will assist the patient in paying their bill. Improved revenue collection saves our clients time that is otherwise spent dealing with administrative and bureaucratic frustrations. This then allows our clients to devote more time to direct patient care and their own personal lives.

The CoPayGo Promise

Our foundation is built on the following promises:

  •  We will be compassionate, empathetic and helpful at all times.
  •  Our objectives will be to seek every possible payment alternative to assist each patient in paying their bill.
  •  We will return a significant profit to our clients by bringing greater efficiency to billing, information systems and payments processing.
  •  CoPayGo will establish a fund to contribute 10% of its net profit towards not-for-profit healthcare organizations that work with underserved patients.